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New Age Wockhardt Paediatric and Congenital Heart Centre:
















1) Increasing awareness about CHD in general population through mass media campaigns.

2)Increasing awareness amongst Pediatricians through seminars, CMEs and symposia.

3) Training programmes for surgeons, pediatric cardiologists and intensivists.

4) Supporting poor and Needy patients through charitable endeavours.

5) Association with teaching institutes for the transfer of knowledge.

The New Age Wockhardt Paediatric and Congenital Heart Centre is promise to deliver affordable , quality pediatric cardiac care to the general population , it is promise to pursue excellence in academics and knowledge, it is a promise to put paediatric cardiac care in the centre of the public domain  and finally it is  promise to make life win.

The New Age Wockhardt Paediatric and Congenital Heart Centre is a step in the direction of excellence towards the field of Paediatric and Congenital heart surgical speciality. The centre which boasts of an expert panel of surgeons , cardiologists , intensivists and anaesthetists and also expert trained nurses , who are here as a team to deliver the best of care to children with CHD.

The centre  with a strong core of ethics and team work is first of its kind in South Mumbai. Along with the personnel, the Institute also has state of the art facility in the form of a 14 bedded separate pediatric cardiac ICU, advanced incubators , warmers , transport ventilators and 1:1 nursing  care all along with innovative paperless automated systems.  In addition to all of the above , the department also has novel machines like iNOS system, HFO ventilators, ECMO facility and laminar air flow.


The Centre also has a promise to deliver state of the art care and also to develop a forum for transfer and exchange of knowledge certain measures as detailed below. - 

Paediatric Intensive Cardiac Unit

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