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Congenital Heart Disease

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If you are a compassionate person but don’t know how to put your compassion to practice, here is a noble opportunity for you. You can bring a smile of joy to a mother of a child destined to die due to a defective heart. Here is how…

  • • Hundreds of children with congenital heart disease lose their lives every day for lack of expert surgical attention and funds required for the same. You can save their lives by joining us as “Little Heart Warriors” who will help getting a micro- donation of Rs. 250 on a recurring monthly basis from individual donors. For your valuable efforts, you will be reimbursed part of the expenses incurred by you, through e-wallet or other appropriate online modalities
  • • Warrior will receive an E-ID card along with E-Marketing kit on joining
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Ans : It is a defect in the structure of the heart that occurs right from birth

Ans : Common examples of CHDs include holes in the inside walls of the heart and narrowed or leaky valves. In more severe forms of CHDs, blood vessels or heart chambers may be missing, poorly formed, and/or in the wrong place.

Ans : Because of the structural defect, the heart cannot pump blood properly and so the entire body suffers from poor blood supply which can be fatal unless corrected on an emergency basis

Ans : CHDs are the most common birth defects. CHDs occur in almost 1% of all births. In India alone, over 3 lakh cases of congenital heart disease are diagnosed every year. They are as common as autism and several times more common than other congenital disorders

Ans : Most causes of CHDs are unknown. Only 15-20% of all CHDs are related to known genetic conditions. Most CHDs are thought to be caused by a combination of genes and other risk factors, such as environmental exposures and maternal conditions.

Ans : Amongst the important ones is ventricular septal defect, which is a defect in the wall between the ventricles that separate oxygenated (pure) blood from unoxygenated (impure) blood. With this defect, the entire body keeps receiving only “impure” blood round the clock

Ans : The parents and the family doctor notice poor overall functions of all organs of the body resulting in signs and symptoms like bluish colour of the skin, poor breast feeding, poor breathing, poor weight gain and so on. On the slightest suspicion, the baby must be rushed to the nearest hospital for quick diagnosis and treatment.

Ans : Because the heart is formed so early in pregnancy, the damage may occur before most women know they are pregnant.

Ans : No. Since the defects cannot be reversed, only surgery is the way out.

Ans : Extremely urgent. With each passing day, the lack of oxygen supply to body tissues will only increase and the damage to all organs gets compounded beyond repair. The sooner you repair the defect, the better is the outcome.

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Name : Tejas Gyandev Ahire
Problem : Single Ventricle Pul
Cost : 250000.00
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Name : Ms Suvarna Balasaheb Khai
Problem : CCTGA (A Very Comple
Cost : 425000.00
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